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We have rebuilt our on-line music store from the ground up with a new shopping cart engine and a new payment processor and it is ready for you to purchase many of the music selections you hear on AMAZ Radio.  Check it out at:



Mac Users: Our player does work but you need to select iTunes in the lower left corner of the player window.  You can also use iTunes. Do not choose the Radio category shown by default as that is Apple's service.   In iTunes, make sure 'Internet Radio' is selected as an available source on the selection bar.  Select 'Internet Radio' then the 'Eclectic' category.  We are in the alphabetical list. 

Visit the Logo Store

AMAZ Radio is pleased to announce it has partnered with one of the largest makers of logo merchandise.  You can now order just about anything you can think of with our logo at:

The AMAZ Radio Logo Store


AMAZ Radio is Supported by You, Our Listeners - Help Keep the Music Playing!

AMAZ Radio is dedicated to making the music it plays available to you, our listeners.  Most of the music we play and the specialty programs we present are not available through large corporate run media outlets.  We do not charge any fees for listening.  Some of our specialty programs may include advertisements but our regular daily music broadcasts do not.  We receive no revenue from any ads broadcast during the special programming we present.  As with everything in the world today, there is a cost to providing these services.  Please consider making a contribution to help with our operating expenses.  We appreciate any assistance you can provide. If you have any questions or concerns you may contact us using any of the methods available on our contact page.

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How Do I Get My Music on AMAZ Radio and/or sold in the AMAZ Radio Store?

We are always looking for new music to play on AMAZ Radio and to sell in the AMAZ Radio Store!

To submit your music for consideration for airplay, send a CD or send your tracks to us.  Our mailing address and e-mail address can be found at the bottom of any page of this web site.  We will listen to your music and let you know what tracks we will add to our playlists. 

Getting your music in the AMAZ Radio Store takes a belief on your part that your music will sell.  If you believe your music CD will sell in our web store, send us four copies.  We will use one copy to create your store product entries.  The other three copies, are sellable inventory.  By providing us three copies at no cost to us, you help support our work and you get to prove your music sells.   After the first three copies sell, we will buy more.  We pay up front when we order the product.   You have already proven your product sells so our up front investment in more product makes sense to us.   

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